Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra

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Asociacion de los restaurantes del reyno

The Asociación de Restaurantes del Reyno

is formed by a group of prestigious, high-profile chefs from Navarre.
Their cuisine is a combination of respect for tradition, innovatory methods and a passion for seeking out nothing but the finest ingredients for their creations.

All, of course, coming from Navarre, a land of exquisite regional food, food which reflects the special character of our terroir. Our Association came into being with the mission of leading the way in reflecting the best culinary flavours of our land.

We aim to serve as a reference point for innovation, whilst also respecting traditions and investigating Navarre-style cuisine.

Although traditional-style cuisine is much appreciated in our Kingdom, we know that there is still a long way to go, and we'd like to do this together, with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.

Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra