Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra

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Los restaurantes te abren sus puertas
Restaurant Beti Jai
Beti jai
C/ Santa Águeda 2. Aoiz
Tel. 948 336 052
In the Aoiz area, where you can enjoy the landscape and environment, with short breaks either to the capital or the Pyrenean valleys, the Beti Jai Restaurant is a good choice for eating. It is a family establishment where the parents, and now their children, impose high standards: with both traditional dishes and more innovative, modern fare.
Its attractive decor, seasonal cuisine and delicious food make it well worth a visit.
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Bati Jai
Capacity: 310 people; also has a private dining room.
Closed on: Sunday night Closed for holidays: Weekends in the second fortnight in August.
Founded in: 1941
Head chef: Fernando Pérez Maître d'hotel: Izakun and Nerea Iturri
Average à la carte menu price: 42€
Average tasting menu price: 45€. This consists of 2 starters, 2 main courses and a dessert.
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Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra