Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra

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Los restaurantes te abren sus puertas
Restaurant El Molino de Urdániz
El molino de urdániz
c/San Miguel s/n km16. Urdániz
Tel. 948 304 109

The Molino de Urdaniz is located at the roadside, with easy parking facilities; a rustic, renovated mill, which still retains the flavour of the past. Although the restaurant was only recently founded, it has already achieved great prestige and is renowned for the innovative dishes created by its young chef, David Yárnoz, known in the kitchens of the most prestigious restaurants, where he learned the trade. He now works independently, offering a modern, striking and very personal cuisine, based on the finest quality produce, design and creativity. The Molino de Urdániz has been awarded a Michelín star.

design ...
El Molino de Urdániz
Capacity: Two dining rooms, one for
36 and the other for 65 guests
Closed on: All Monday and on Tuesday
and Wednesday nights
Closed for holidays: A fortnight in
February and a week in November
Founded in: 1992
Head chef: David Yárnoz
Maître d'hôtel and Sommelier:Isabel Martín
Average à la carte price: 55€
Average price of the tasting menu: 72€
This is one of the best options for
discovering the cuisine offered here.
The menu comprises 10 or 11 dishes,
with room for creativity, surprise and,
of course, constant innovation, striving
to achieve ever improved quality.
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Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra