Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra

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Los restaurantes te abren sus puertas
Restaurant Treintaitrés
c/ Capuchinos 7. Tudela
Tel. 948 827 606
Correo electrónico

Ricardo Gil and María Pilar Vicente, owners of the Treintaitres restaurant, every day prepare the ingredients in their own culinary style, which includes attention to detail, non-conformity and a commitment to local products; a project which started in 1952. The undisputed protagonists of the restaurant are the vegetables from the Tudela's fertile zone, which they grow themselves, whose full flavours they extract while observing their natural qualities. Their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to publicise their work are reflected in another 2 parallel establishments: Casa Lac in Zaragoza and La huerta de Tudela Green and More in Madrid.

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Capacity: There are 3 dining rooms, one for 70 people and two private ones for 30 and 14 people.
Closed on: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights
Founded in: 1952
Head chef: Marisol Pastor
Maîtres d'hotel: Mª Pilar Vicente and Ricardo Gil
Sommeliers: Ricardo Gil and Javier Gil
Average price of the à la carte menu: 45/50€ Average price of the tasting menu: 44€
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Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra