Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra

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Los restaurantes te abren sus puertas
Restaurant Túbal
c/ Plaza Navarra 6. Tafalla
Tel. 948 700 852

The entire Túbal Restaurant is a work of art, with Atxen as the artist and master. The Túbal has become one of the most important restaurants in Navarre, noted for its elegant décor and cuisine. Now Nicolás has taken over as head chef, to continue to move ahead. The Túbal combines traditional Navarre dishes with surprising, avant-garde creations, revealing exquisite imagination. You don't simply go to the Túbal Restaurant as a matter of course; you go there because you have an express desire to do so.

quality ...
Capacity: 150 à la carte guests, banquet and convention seating for 400. It also has three private dining rooms
Closed on:Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.
Closed for holidays: From 21st January to 3rd February and from 21st August to 3rd September.
Founded in: 1942
Head chef: Nicolás Ramírez Jiménez
Maîtres d'hotel: Atxen Jiménez
Sommeliers: Moncho Galar and

Average price of the à la carte menu: 45€
Price of the tasting menu: 60€
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Restaurantes del Reyno de Navarra